Wealth Planning

Purpose-Based Approach

Our team employs a deeply-rooted and goal-based approach tailored to each client's unique circumstances. This approach supports the realization of both essential and aspirational outcomes.

We help our clients identify their purpose and goal and then build a custom financial plan that is centered around their desired outcomes. We focus on optimizing a client’s balance sheet by being intentional to ensure that they will have a high degree of confidence in achieving their desired results. Success is measured by the client being able to achieve what they have identified as the most important to them. 

Our Wealth Planning process helps clients who value leaving a legacy. We partner with the client families to create a wealth planning strategy that focuses on getting their wealth into the desired hands in the most tax efficient way possible.

Our Business Succession Planning helps client’s holistically approach the exit of their business. We can be most effective when clients involve us well in advance of the desired exit date. Our Team helps facilitate the maximum business valuation while ensuring the most efficient transfer possible. In addition to facilitating the exit, we our clients navigate what life can look like after the exit.

We help our clients give in an efficient manner to the causes that mean the most to them. We begin the philanthropic planning process by developing a mission statement and gifting guidelines to ensure that our clients are intentional and maximizing their ability to make an impact